Welcome To STAQ Performance

It all begins in 2018, when STAQ Performance discovered and began experimenting with nootropic supplement in a small, European Laboratory. Founder Jure Janc, a serial entrepreneur, recognized a strong need for brain supplements to assist fellow entrepreneurs, professionals, high-achievers, doers, and performers gain an edge in this competitive world. Therefore he sought out top experts who would help him turn his vision into reality - and STAQ Performance was born. 

Ultimate Performance is Our Duty!

Our Mission

Despite the common beliefs that there are no shortcuts in real life, no magical pills, no quick-fixes, as well as, the most successful people are those who grind, push, move the boundaries, strive for more, and are persistent in making their dreams come true - this is not always possible without a cost.

Way too often, this success driven life leaves a mark on a human body and soul. We observe constant crashes, sickness, and burnouts. We experienced them ourselves. That’s what led us to search for sustainable ways to optimal performance.

During our discovery process, we decided to combine science and nature's power to develop cutting-edge supplements that empower people and support them on their journey. Instead of developing low-quality supplements with under-researched ingredients and tons of fillers, we decided that high-quality will be the name of our game. We combined high-quality ingredients with a holistic approach to optimizing performance. 

For Performers, By Performers

We are a team of passionate individuals, eager to expand our knowledge by studying the world’s top performers, billionaires, entrepreneurs, and athletes plus utilizing our own experiences as entrepreneurs and professionals. We realized the supplement industry missed an aspect of optimization beyond the supplement’s ingredients by omitting the effective habits to be more remarkable.

To improve people's cognitive performance, support them on achieving their goals (big or small), we decided to upgrade our supplements with extensive information to maximize performance available complementary to our customers.

Offering free content, ebooks, blog posts, tips, and online courses that help people achieve ultimate long-term success & personal mastery make us different than the average supplement company.

The results are the most effective, highest-quality, no-BS, cGMP certified, gluten-free, vegan, simply top-shit supplements that come with the most-effective and proven techniques for ultimate cognitive performance.

As a team, we are passionate about giving our knowledge to our community - Join our movement and start your journey beyond possible!

Behind The Scenes

Meet The Core Team

Jure Janc,

CEO & Founder

Maya Andoljsek,

Head of Nutrition

Zan Bracic,

Head of R&D

Lenart Grkman,

Head Of Design & UX


Head Of Customer Support

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About STAQ Extended Team 

When Nature And Science Go Hand In Hand

Our high moral standards, professional expertise, and personal devotion contribute to our mission and vision to help people live meaningful lives. We care so much about developing the best products possible that we work with a group of experts in the fields of biochemistry, pharmacy, nutrition, supplements, fitness, legal rights, and manufacturing.

 That is how we can ensure all our products and content are of the highest quality possible.