Our Science

From humble beginnings as researchers to do developing state of the art products. 

Discover the intelligence behind every STAQ product. 

When Science & Nature Join Their Forces.

We're committed to combining the power of science with the treasures of nature to develop the best products possible. We source sustainably, all our ingredients are high-quality, non-GMO, pure, and supported by scientific research. We're also leading advocates of independent supplement testings. 

Our Products Improve 

People's Lives.

Every single supplement that we develop contains crucial compounds at researched dosages that provides the promised benefits. Instead of offering a wide range of products, we focus on developing only a handful of complex and effective supplements that can improve people's lives. And we love what we do.

A Leader In Nootropic Supplement Quality


No sugars, no artificial sweeteners, non-GMO, no fillers, no colors, and no binders are just a couple of rarely seen high standards in the nootropic business that swear to.


Rapid innovation combined with advanced technology and detailed research is our core strategy to develop the most effective supplements on the market. 


We ensure that all the ingredients we use are the highest quality possible. All the processes we use ensure that ingredients stay pure and effective. 

User Experience

Every supplement is developed with our users in mind. We undergo advanced research to make user experience with supplements a pleasant one.