Science Behind Our Products

At STAQ Performance, we are committed to researching and developing absolutely the best supplements based on well-researched, safe, and effective ingredients that can provide the desired benefits. 

When Science & Nature Join Their Forces

Our development process starts with a clear goal. We identify a common problem that we believe high-quality supplements can tackle. Then we carry out rigorous research. We generally spend any time between 3 - 12 months researching different types of compounds. In the next stage, we do analyses, tests, and experiments to develop the safest and most efficient supplements. The last stage of our R&D consists of production which always follows the highest global standards. We only work with the most recognized partners that have a cGMP certificate. 

Our Products Improve 

People's Lives

Our supplements are the result of advanced scientific understanding combined with complex testing and analysis. We take a holistic approach to human biochemistry and physiology for optimal cognitive performance, sleep, and health. 

Our amazing team of experts not only develops some of the most effective supplements but a whole range of supporting material, such as ebooks, pdf, guides, blog posts, emails, etc, which helps to support the work of supplements, restore balance, and provide long-lasting effects. 

We are one of the pioneers of providing ultimate solutions to optimal cognitive performance.

Our Competitive Advantage

Advanced Science

Every product has a science-based formulation to ensure maximum efficacy and no side-effects. We take into account all available research to find the optimal ingredients for our supplements. 

Top Quality Ingredients

Our mission is to provide only the highest-quality supplements to our customers. Our products consist of top-quality ingredients sourced from reputable partners. Such ingredients are constantly tested for purity. Many other brands choose to use ingredients that are best for profits rather than quality, while we put quality and efficacy first. 

Clean Formulations

Our formulations are free of GMOs, banned substances, drugs, synthetic additives, artificial colors and flavors, and all other unnecessary ingredients and fillers. The result of such formulations is one of the most potent and safe nootropic supplements. 

Vigorous Testing Of Our Formulations

We continually test our formulations for purity and efficiency. We work with several independent labs that test our products before putting them on the market. This is how we can ensure the top-quality and ultimate safety of our supplements. 

No Proprietary Blends

It is very important for us to be 100% transparent. That is why we show the amount of all ingredients that you can find in our supplements.