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We disrupted the brain supplement market by combining the power 

of science and nature to help you achieve your ultimate goals.   

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The Performer

#1 All-Natural Alternative To Coffee & Energy Drinks


    Performer is manufactured by cGMP standards and contains pharmaceutical-grade capsules. 


    12 months of development, working with top experts, intensive product testing, and optimization resulted in this outstanding product formula. 


    Performer increases your focus, attention, and improves your overall mental speed.†


    All compounds combined in Performer support a healthy flow of nutrients and oxygen to keep the brain on high RPMs for hours.†


    Performer contains essential vitamins that help support daily working mood, a stress response, and healthy well-being.†

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Allergen Free


Gluten Free


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With thousands of bottles delivered, discover what STAQ Performance users & experts have to say.

Dr. Susan Lundgren,

 Health Care Professional 

"In my past, I have tried various Nootropics and brain enhancement formulas, especially during Medical school, and have found most do very little if you already have a good lifestyle and nutritional foundation. What I have been wanting is a supplement to give me an extra edge with cognitive function. Therefore it was fabulous to find STAQ's Performer. It gives me the extra focus and sharpness with improved recall and memory that I was seeking. As a health care professional it is important for me to have an excellent attention to detail, plus remember and recall information without errors. Performer not only helps me professionally, it also helps me be so much more efficient in life. Now, I never misplace things or forget what I am doing after interruptions; which is a nice bonus effect." 

Mark Kavcic

Personal Coach & Entrepreneur

 "As a personal coach, I need lots of energy, stamina, and focus every day. Even though I love drinking coffee, STAQ Performer works really, really great on me. I highly recommend it!"

World’s Finest Supplements For 

Thriving High-Achievers



verb: to grow, develop, or be successful

He seems to thrive on hard work.

Beyond Possible 

We're committed to combining science's power with the treasures of nature to develop the best products possible. 

Our state of the art supplements were developed and designed for doers & performers who want to live a remarkable life. 

Peak Performance 

Our team is developing unique products and services that will help you achieve ultimate cognitive performance. 

It is on you to decide how you are going to use the additional brainpower, but we will ensure you will have plenty of it. 

Every single day. 

STAQ's Iron-Clad 90-Day Guarantee

Try STAQ Performer out risk-free for 90 days! If it doesn’t work for you, we’ll give you your money back! There’s absolutely no risk to you. Even if you just don’t like the effect, we we'll give you your money back!

Our Mission

STAQ  Performance has always been a project rooted in our passion for helping professionals and high-achievers. It's not about reinventing the wheel, but about creating products and services that will help people live extraordinary life. Our mindset of creation and attention to detail has allowed us to pioneer our own path and develop mind-blowing products that you'll be proud of having on your favorite home shelf. 

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We know you always dreamed of achieving extraordinary results and living a remarkable life. Now is your time to finally make your dreams come true. 

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