STAQ Frequently Asked Questions

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About STAQ Performer

How quickly will I feel the benefits of taking the STAQ Performer?

The length of time to feel the benefits varies from person to person. Most people feel more focused and energized in about 15-30 minutes after they take the capsules. Some ingredients provide short-term benefits, while others provide long-term benefits. To get the most out of STAQ Performer, we recommend taking it for a couple of weeks. That is how you can ensure maximum long-term benefits.

Will I still get the benefits of STAQ Performer if I stop taking the capsules?

Performer was designed in a way to provide long term benefits even if you stop supplementing the product. Certain ingredients are known for their power to build more neurons, fight the free-radicals, and repair cells. However, if you stop taking STAQ Performer, you will not feel the short-term benefits such as increased energy, focus, attention, and improved mood.

My bottle of Perfomer had the "unsealed cap." Is that normal? 

Every bottle produced has a closed lid underneath a sealed cap. We have a system in place to manually check all the bottles before they are available for sales. However, due to our personal struggles with other products in the past, we managed to develop a simple but effective system that helps you open the lid automatically by opening the bottle cap. 

How does it work? If you open the bottle fast enough, the cap will pull the side of the lid and open it together with the cap. It is an ingenious system that puts away the usual struggle of opening the lid, while it keeps the bottle 100% secure. So, don't worry, your bottles are completely sealed and safe. 

Instructions for STAQ Performer

We recommend taking 3 capsules of STAQ Performer in the morning, preferably with a light breakfast.

Can I take Performer with any other supplements?

Sadly, it is impossible to say since we don’t know which other supplements are you taking. There is no better nootropic supplement for cognitive performance on the market, so this part is covered with Performer. 

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you are completely safe in case you do not wish to continue taking our supplements.

Do you recommend cycling the product?

Yes, we recommend taking Performer for 5 days, then staying 2 days off. This is technically not necessary, but it is recommended for long-term use. That is how you can avoid desensitization.

Is STAQ Performer safe?

When we were developing the product, we took into consideration all the important factors to ensure that our supplement is as safe as possible. It is highly unlikely to experience any adverse side effects if you follow the instructions. Most of our team members are taking the capsules daily (including our founder and CEO), who always puts safety in the first place.In addition, we do recommend reading the medical disclaimer before taking the capsules.