Your performance, well-being, and health matter greatly, so maybe it's time to leave basic supplements behind? 

Do you want to improve your cognitive performance? Have more brainpower? Be more productive?

Or do you simply want to feel better? STAQ Performer is the most powerful nootropic supplement we ever designed. It is an extremely effective, safe, and smartly designed nootropic stack that will fire up your brain. 


    Performer is manufactured by cGMP standards and contains pharmaceutical-grade capsules. 


    12 months of development, working with top experts, intensive product testing, and optimization resulted in this outstanding product formula. 


    Performer boosts your energy and stamina.*


    By improving your productivity, Performer helps you save hours every single day*


    Performer increases your focus, attention, and improves your overall mental speed.*

Why Choose STAQ Performer?

  • It is the highest-quality nootropic supplement on the market.

  • It is scientifically a superior supplement. 

  • User report improved mood, energy, and well-being.

  • It can improve your short- and long-term focus, energy, and attention.

  • It comes with tons of useful tips, tricks, and strategies.

+ FREE E-book: Become Remarkable

The Performer

No. of capsules: 90 

Delivers energy boost: Yes

It contains fillers: No

Optimal Cognition

Short- & Long-Term Effects

Dedicated Performance Mentor

Tips For Optimal Performance


30-day subscription

Mind Lab Pro

No. of capsules: 60

Delivers energy boost: No

It contains fillers: Yes

Basic Cognition

Only Long-Term Effects

No Performance Mentor


1 box

Outstanding Focus And Daily Performance Make Performer Your Ultimate Brain Supplement!

Unique Benefits You Can't Resist

Improves Focus

The optimal dosage of high-quality natural extracts is key to a razor-sharp focus.*

Boosts Energy

Get an incredible energy boost and feel mental clarity.*

Elevates Mood

Your brain will operate on a higher level than ever before, so you can achieve a hyper workflow state.*

Formulated By Experts

Formulated by nutritionists, biochemists, and other professionals with 20+ product iterations over 12 months. 

Premium Quality

Performer contains the highest-quality ingredients and pharmaceutical-grade capsules.

Supports Your Health

Get crucial nutrients needed for optimal health and immune system.*

What Happens When Mind Lab Pro Doesn't Quickly Boost Your Energy & Improve Your Focus?

We understand that Mind Lab Pro is a popular nootropic supplement that may meet your basic needs. But we know very well that you deserve more. More focus, more energy, more motivation, and, ultimately, more brainpower. That's where our unique and advanced formula comes in the game. And it leaves Mind Lab Pro far behind. 

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Here's what others are saying...

"Guys, you are simply amazing. What Performer + techniques I got from the ebook gave me is unimaginable. Keep doing such a great job. Thanks"

- Anna K., customer

"STAQ performance gives u bigger wings than Redbull. One of my favorite Nootropics. Thx guys!"

- Laurent L., customer

"Best supplement I have ever tried. Forget about coffee, STAQ works so much better!"

- Jared D., customer

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We understand that to become remarkable, you need ultimate focus, energy, and productivity. Nootropics and supplements can help you out, but they only present part of the solution. The second part is hidden in effective and proven habits that can help you achieve even greater results in a shorter time.  

What's In The Book? 

  • 10 Successful Formulas For Ultimate Focus, Energy, & Productivity

  • 5 Outstanding Tips From Famous Productivity Gurus

  • Bonus Discount For Our Favorite Supplement

  • And Much More

STAQ Performance

Word Of Honor

We design and develop our products for ourselves, our friends, family, and our community. That is why we are our own customers. Since all our products are of the highest quality possible, we want to share our confidence with you.

That's why we back every sale with a 90-day no BS money-back guarantee.

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STAQ Performer
STAQ PerformerSTAQ PerformerSTAQ PerformerSTAQ PerformerSTAQ PerformerSTAQ Performer

"Best supplement I have ever tried. Forget about coffee, STAQ works so much better!"- Jared, D., customer

+ FREE E-book: Become Remarkable

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