Passion Vs. Purpose: What Matters More When It Comes To Business

July 19, 2020 3 min read

"Follow your passion" is an often-used phrase that is often associated with high-achievers and success. High-achievers can really be described as passionate people, but passion can often have some less wanted effects on productivity and overall satisfaction. 

Research shows that there is something even more important than having and following a passion on your road to success. 

Passion Vs. Purpose

First of all, think about the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about your passion. Is it starting a band and going on tour around the world? Is it about surfing? Or is it about being a millionaire? 

Whatever it is, it brings us joy when we think about it. Thinking about surfing all day long and teaching other happy people how to do it is really a tempting thing. But does it really bring you success?

The problem with only following your passion is that we often associate it with happiness and joy, while work isn't always a fun, happy place - quite often, it's a struggle, hard work, and long nights. 

Research shows that chasing happiness in your work/business can make you less satisfied at work, and you can quickly start to question your whole identity. 

Imagine that you're really passionate about surfing. All your vacation is revolving around the best locations to surf, and you know this is something you want to do. You're so passionate about it that you want to spend as much time as possible surfing. You realize that one way of earning money is to teach other people how to do it. You may know you're not good at teaching people, but you'll manage it - as long as you can surf more. 

This is a scenario that will most likely end up in giving up the job sooner or later and taking a break from surfing. Moreover, you can even start to think if surfing really is something you love to do.

And in moments like these, you can see that following your passion cannot always be a good thing. 

You have to follow a more profound thing, a purpose. You need to work on something that aligns more with your core deeper values, something you believe in, not just something you're passionate about.

So, instead of searching for your passion, ask yourself what you care about. If you follow your purpose more, you'll deliberate yourself from the expectation that work is all sunshine and rainbows.

If you're following your purpose, you'll be much more resilient and ready to take on everything life brings you and tackle every hard work there is to succeed. And this is something that'll make you successful in the long term.

How To Find Your Purpose?

Start by defining your values. Each person has values that make up his or her system of beliefs and attitudes. Most often, our responses in specific situations are triggered by our core values. 

Being an entrepreneur starts with a consideration of the values. To create something big, something meaningful, your values should be identified. By having a clear set of values, you can always align your work process with what you really believe in and move closer to success. 

Figure out what you want to do with your business - how do you want to create value, how will you make a difference by using your strength, knowledge, and skills? 

Take action. Only through work, trying different things, going through different experiences and opportunities you can discover what really keeps you going. Your purpose will not suddenly hit you, and you'll know what to do for the rest of your life - prepare for a journey, a process to find your real why. 

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Maya Andoljsek

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Maja Andoljsek, BSc in Sports Science and Nutrition, has been researching nutrition, supplements, and coaching people for years. As a certified coach and nutritionist, she has helped hundreds of people improve their cognitive performance, physical performance, and overall health.


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