Are You A Victor Or Victim: How To Develop A Winning Mentality

July 23, 2020 5 min read

We've all probably come across people that are very focused on problems and searching for all the ways that something can go wrong. And when it does, they often conclude that they didn't have the luck; they thought of themselves as victims. On the other hand, you probably came across people who are always finding their way out of their problems or seemingly have no problems at all. They seem like they're just winning life - successful in business, a fantastic lifestyle, and getting what they want. Those are the victors. But certainly not without problems.

Sooner or later, people from the second group can be treated like "lucky," "talented," "gifted"... In reality, it's their mindset that's differing and the habits they've developed that were leading them further on their path. Moreover, their way of thinking also helps them solve problems more smoothly.  

So, which is the group you're in?

Victor Vs. Victim

The first thing that separates victims from victors is how they explain the events in their life. 

While victims often think that the cause of their problems is somewhere out there and that something or someone else is responsible for what is happening to them, victors, on the other hand, feel in control of their life, know that only they can change their future by taking action and responsibility.

The second thing where the victor and victims differentiate is how they look at success. 

On the one hand, victors always strive for more; they know they won't achieve their goals or make a change if they stay in the same place. They dare to go out of their comfort zone, even if it makes them uncomfortable in the beginning. On the other hand, victims are often too afraid to take chances, go out, and try something new to improve themselves. 

The third thing to point out - victims spend a lot of time blaming circumstances or the lack of luck for the failures & feeling sorry for themselves every time something unexpected happens. Victors use failure as a fuel to keep going.They don't go into self-pity all the time; they don't spend too much time analyzing the factors that they cannot control. They accept the responsibility, and that is precisely the thing that separates them from victims. Victors take action and continue the journey to achieving their goals. 

Another thing that separates them is the usage of the term "luck" in their life. Victors leave nothing up to luck. They don't wait for the great opportunities to happen; they go out and make opportunities for themselves.

Winning mentality does not mean you'll always succeed in whatever you'll be doing. In fact, it means you'll fail a lot of times! 

The difference, however, is that the victors never lose sight of their goals, no matter how many times they fail. They'll use every experience, good or bad, to move further on their journey. And that's what makes them far ahead of victims.

But keep in mind that a victor is rarely born with the winning mentality. This kind of mindset is something you can develop, and what you achieve through conscious mental training in every little situation you find yourself in.

Ways To Develop A Winning Mindset

With the differences between a victor and a victim in mind - here are some tips on developing a winning mindset.

Control your ego & don't take everything personally.

Ego is never in our favor, neither when we fail nor when we succeed. 

When something doesn't turn out the way we expected it to, give yourself 5 minutes to feel bad. But after those 5 minutes, continue with your life. Don't spend a minute more crying or self-loathing. Take it as it is, and move forward. 

Many people take things personally, even when it comes to business. If striving for something big, you cannot take every comment or event as a personal offend. When taking things personally, most often is our ego that is not under control - victors learn to distance themselves from the situation and look at it from a third perspective. 

So every time something happens, take those 5 minutes but then try to distance yourself from the situation. How would someone independent interpret the situation? How would this person react?

Think positively.

Every strategy from this blog post might be easier to talk about than actually implement into your life. However, it's the smallest steps that take you to victory and success.

Imagine two scenarios: first - you're always anticipating future events, expecting that something terrible will happen or that you won't succeed and won't achieve the goals you set for yourself. Second, you're positive about the situation, make a plan, and go step by step to accomplish what you want.

Which way of thinking will serve you better? Which will directly influence your goals?

Well, in fact, either of them can 100% guarantee you the desired results. But you'll probably be much more productive and less stressed out if you think positively about the situation. You'll undoubtedly be more focused and more concentrated so that the process will go smoother.

And in reality - nothing turns out so awful as our brains can imagine. So why make up those terrible scenarios?

Aim high and watch your progress.

Set higher goals. Think big. What would you really like to achieve? What impact do you want to have in this world? 

The fact is that if you aim high, the journey of achieving the goals is much more beneficial, fun, and instructive. You'll fail along the way, but you'll learn so much more, and the later success will be so much more enjoyable. 

Along the way, be attentive, look at what you're accomplishing, change, and adapt the way if necessary.  

Surround yourself with the right people.

If wanting to develop a winning mindset, you have to avoid people that are always negative, pessimistic & overall don't help you to become who you want to be.

Life's too short to be surrounded by people who take all your energy away and make you feel like you don't deserve your successes or are always telling you that you cannot do it.

We are social creatures, and the kind of energy and feedback we get from people can positively or negatively affect us in a significant way. So find yourself people that are on a similar path as you and stick to them.

Never stop learning.

Last but not least - NEVER stop learning. A funny thing about success is that once you succeed in something big time, it still isn't the end. With success come new & different circumstances and situations that you haven't experienced yet. So you always have to learn how to cope with them, success after success.

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