Must-Know Tips For Goal Setting To Achieve Success As An Entrepreneur

July 16, 2020 3 min read

Goal setting is important for every part of our life. It’s certainly better to be oriented toward specific goals than to be all over the place and not knowing where your head is. Being smart and strategic at setting your goals allows you to take action and achieve long-term success.

Setting the goals is a process, and we have for you 3 tips to keep in mind when going through that process.

Be SMART when defining your goals.

Being smart takes you places, right? It certainly does help you when setting goals.

SMART stands for: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant & Timely. 

So, in general, this means your goals have to be as specific and concise as possible. Instead of making loose goals, such as “I want to increase the revenue this year,” your goal should be more of an “I want to increase the revenue by X percent by the end of the year.” 

Also, your goals should be measurable - plan on measuring the progress of increasing the revenue every month, for example.

The third thing - goals have to be achievable and realistic. Don’t set too hard or too easy goals. If goals are too hard to achieve, then you can quickly lose interest and give up on attaining them. The same goes for too easy to achieve goals - they can get boring, and you can lose interest soon. 

Goal relevance is also a factor to keep in mind. Set goals that drive you from within. Goals that matter to you, not to others, or to show off. 

The last thing to point out is - give yourself a reasonable time to achieve the goal. Work toward achieving the aim of increasing the revenue till the end of the year, for example, however, break it into smaller goals and follow the progress you’re making every month or so.

Progress first, then results.

The progress is just as important as the results, if not even more. Keep in mind that it is the process that gets you where you want to be, not results. Results are just consequences of your action. 

If you keep thinking about how you haven’t yet reached the goal or the result, you cannot think mindfully enough about the required steps you’d have to take to win the small races first. 

Be flexible, allow space for adjustments.

To be a successful high-achiever, you have to be ready to accept feedback - whether it’s from your coworkers, other people, or the process itself. It’s not about agreeing or refusing the input; it’s about being open to it. 

New insights can open up through the process of achieving the primary goal, and those can offer an excellent opportunity to work on your plan and make it even better. 

Don’t be scared to take this chance, being flexible and allowing space for adjustments doesn’t mean moving away from your goals; it means improving them even more and consequently being even more successful. 

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Maya Andoljsek

Head Of Nutrition At STAQ Performance

Maja Andoljsek, BSc in Sports Science and Nutrition, has been researching nutrition, supplements, and coaching people for years. As a certified coach and nutritionist, she has helped hundreds of people improve their cognitive performance, physical performance, and overall health.


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