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Earn STAQ Cash Perks when purchasing, referring friends, engaging on social media & more. 

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How Does It Work?

#1 Join

Join the STAQ Performance rewards program and start collecting STAQ Cash Perks. All you have to do is register here, and you're all set!

#2 Earn

Earn 200 STAQ Cash Perks for joining our community, 1 STAQ Cash Perk for every $1 spent, 50 for following us on social media. 

#3 Redeem

Redeem STAQ Cash Perks for coupons to use on your next purchase!

If you refer us to a friend, you get $10 off coupon, and your friend gets $5 off coupon!

Our Program

Check out all the available ways to earn STAQ Cash Perks in the bottom right corner [STAQ Cash Perks]. 

Ways to redeem your STAQ Cash Perks:  

  • 3% OFF Coupon – 300 STAQ Cash Perks 

  • 5% OFF Coupon – 500 STAQ Cash Perks

  • 10% OFF Coupon – 1000 STAQ Cash Perks

100 STAQ Cash Perks = $1 

Invite your friends to STAQ Performance and be instantly rewarded when they complete a purchase.

  • You get a 10% OFF coupon on your next order
  • Your friend gets a 5% OFF coupon