Nootropics For Anxiety: Our Top 3 Recommendations

January 03, 2020 4 min read

We know at least five different types of anxiety disorders - from PTSD to social phobia. While there are many ineffective ways to treat anxiety, we want to share with you how our team of experts goes about it. Let us share with you the best nootropics for anxiety.

What is anxiety?

We imagine that most of you already experienced unwanted feelings of anxiety. Such feelings are becoming very common nowadays. But we are even more worried about anxiety disorders, which are repeated episodes of anxiety attacks. [1

Anxiety causes all kind of direct and indirect health issues. It interferes with your everyday activities, it makes you avoid specific places, and it can cause a whole range of negative consequences.

No matter how often you feel anxious or how severe your anxiety attacks are, you should do everything you can to minimize its harmful effects. 

Some of our team members suffered from anxiety in the past, so we have decided to conduct comprehensive research and find the best natural ways to minimize its adverse effects. 

You might be surprised, but there are many effective nootropics for anxiety that can provide amazing benefits. Let’s check them out. 

Nootropics For Anxiety

Here are the most-researched and effective nootropics for anxiety. You can take them individually, but we recommend taking more nootropic compounds together. 

At the end of this post, we will share with you the best anti-anxiety stack of nootropics.


Ashwagandha is a popular nootropic herb that people often use to calm down. It is an adaptogen herb that has been used for centuries. 

It was shown to reduce anxiety and stress in healthy people [3], it can improve physical performance [4], decrease fatigue [5], and has many other benefits. 

The recommended daily dosage is 300 - 500 mg. Ashwagandha is often added to nootropic stacks, but it can be taken as an individual compound as well. 

It is a great nootropic, but we prefer another adaptogen herb. Yes, we are talking about Bacopa. 

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri is a must-use nootropic because of its multiple benefits. It as an adaptogen herb, also known as Brahmi. 

It has been proven to decrease anxiety and depression in people while increasing their cognitive performance. [6] We recommend taking 300 mg of Bacopa Monnieri extract. 

It must contain around 50% of the active bacoside content. For best results, supplement it for at least 8-12 weeks. This is the required period to get the most out of this herb.

Lion's Mane Mushroom

Lion’s Mane mushroom (also known as Yamabushitake) is our favorite dietary supplement. It is one of the best cognitive enhancers you can currently find. 

A 4-week study showed that supplementing Lion’s Mane mushroom improved anxiety, depression, and concentration in healthy women. [7] Another study shows that supplementing this mushroom helps people with mild cognitive impairment. [8]

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should consider supplementing Yamabushitake. We recommend taking 0,5g - 1g of it per day. Combine it with other nootropics for even better results. 


L-theanine is our favorite amino acid due to the benefits it brings. If you love drinking green or black tea, then you are probably aware of L-theanine positive effects such as relaxation, focus, attention, and even improved sleep quality. [9

L-theanine is a great nootropic that can be orally taken with drinking green or black tea, but we prefer supplementing it. The main reason for that is the fact that we can control the quality of theanine in capsules. 

We can also ensure you get the optimal amount of it (200 mg).Most importantly, by combining L-theanine with other nootropics on our list, your battle with anxiety should be an easy one to win. 

Best Nootropic Stack For Anxiety

Now you know a few effective nootropics for fighting anxiety, but which are the best ones? Is there an anti-anxiety supplement that we recommend taking? Yes, it is. And you will love it.

To help people achieve better performance, we recommend supplementing STAQ Performer. This state-of-art nootropic stack contains a perfect amount of L-Theanine, Bacopa Monnieri, and Lion’s Mane mushroom.

But that’s not all - it also contains many other amazing nootropics, vitamins, and minerals. We imagine many people take it as a short-term fix, but Performer is much more than this. It is a supplement that contains high-quality nootropics that can provide long-term benefits.

It is manufactured by the highest quality standards, and it is the most recommended supplement by many influential experts.

STAQ Performer won’t just improve your anxiety, but it will provide support for ultimate cognitive performance.Now is your time to say goodbye to anxiety. Let Performer help you do it.

Maya Andoljsek

Head Of Nutrition At STAQ Performance

Maja Andoljsek, BSc in Sports Science and Nutrition, has been researching nutrition, supplements, and coaching people for years. As a certified coach and nutritionist, she has helped hundreds of people improve their cognitive performance, physical performance, and overall health.


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